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More about us
Cambridge Malayalee Association is a socio-cultural voluntary association. The main objective of CMA is to promote social, artistic, cultural, sports and literary activities. Organising unique programmes with a touch of Indian heritage in arts, literature or other cultural fields. The strength of this organisation is not only in the number of members which consists of people from various walks of life - but also in the efforts being made, in achieving the goals of the organisation.
CMA's presence in Cambridge should be especially felt among it's Malayali community. Some of the activities of CMA include the celebration of major festivals of Kerala such as Onam, Christmas & Easter, in the traditional way as well as creating a nostalgic environment in the Cambridge City by replicating the enthusiasm seen in Kerala.
Members and their children are encouraged to exhibit their talent in fields such as dance, music, painting, etc. Furthermore, we aim to provide our younger generation with opportunities to represent in sports & cultural competitions. We look forward to provide annual awards for the best candidates in academics amongst the CMA members. We aim to bring all the members of our association onto a single platform, culture, life styles thereby creating a sense of oneness, self and mutual respect among each other through interaction inorder to develop a pleasant environment for our children to grow up with our community's rich traditions, culture and values of life.
We intend to promote economic and general welfare of it's members and their children, with the underlying principles of co-operative movement i.e. voluntary, self- and mutual help without any discrimination, as a helping hand in emergency situations. We would promote the learning of Malayalam Language, Bible Classes, Quiz competitions, Birthday Celebrations, dance and music classes. As an Indian Community Organisation, we would encourage our children to be independent and self-sufficient, by providing an environment to maximize the development of the child's personality which would have positive influence on the child's attitude and behaviour.
Cambridge Malayalee Association is an organization bringing together the Malayalees in Cambridge. Our aims and objectives are:
  • To look into the interests of the Malayalee community in the United Kingdom and promote their cultural and artistic values.
  • To foster friendship with other communities, exchange and share ideas and beliefs with them and enhance quality of life.
  • To promote it's indigenous cultural values.
  • To provide the community members with an opportunity to meet, discuss and promote Malayalam language and culture.
  • To extend a helping hand to our member in distress, if needed, to raise money for charity.
  • To work with other community members and similar associations elsewhere in the world.
  • To interact with British Community and exchange cultural views and values.
  • To celebrate our cultural celebrations.
  • To increase the social and communal harmony To conduct and represent in competitions in music and dance for children.
  • To conduct classes for Vocal music, Instrument music and Dance for children.
  • To dvelop computer skills and usage among our members in need.
  • To conduct study tours and picnic.
  • To host our traditional entertainment programmes, drama , music, and comedy shows